April 6, 2010

Best Khmer Lesson Yet!

Bong Srey. In Khmer that means "older sister". Although I was uncomfortable with this title at first, with my Khmer teacher, I realize how lucky I am to have a sister (of sorts) here. She is the P'own Srey, younger sister, I never had. This morning she took us out for breakfast (just like I did a few weeks ago). We drank iced coffee with sweet milk and ate pork on rice. I even ordered my food in Khmer--that's a fruitful way to practice any language!

We talked about our families over breakfast, and we laughed about the why English makes you ride a bike, you can either ride or drive a moto, but you must drive a car. As we slurped out the last of the sweet coffee from our glasses, I felt like the luckiest Bong Srey in the world. Even if I don't learn all the Khmer vowels, I get to spend time chatting and laughing with my Khmer sister, and that's what matters (plus, who can remember 20 vowels!?).