May 12, 2010


I thought by now I would have acclimated to the open-oven-door heat in Cambodia. But no. Much to my dismay, Phnom Penh has been sideswiped by a heatwave that has even the Cambodians begging for relief. With temperatures hovering around 100 degrees and heat indexes approaching 115, the only place you can semi-comfortably be is inside under a fan.

Feeling even more elephantine than usual, I have begun taking a mini nap in the morning to supplement my obligatory afternoon sleep. Of course this means that I don't sleep much at night, but who does when it's still 95 degrees in your bedroom, with the fan. I'll take the sleep where I can get it, thank you. Everyone in the house is feeling the drag of extreme heat. Some people are feeling ill, others delirious, and for me, well, I'm mostly just irritable and whiny. But that's not terribly out of character.

On the upside, we do have a good excuse for ice cream, cold drinks, and incredible laziness.