June 26, 2010

The Material Girl

Do I really need 13 pairs of shoes? What about an entrie drawer full of underwear? Surveying the full closet of clothes I left at home and the suitcase full of clothes from my trip, I felt pretty disgusting. Okay, wildly gluttonous.

Before I left, I expected these excesses, but now, after cutting back on luxuries (and doing laundry a lot more often apparently), the scope of my possessions is outrageous.

In my parents' beautiful house, sumptuous living is easy. Our eight-foot doors and 72-inch mega TV make me feel like a dwarf. A very spoiled dwarf. We have a butler's pantry the size of a small bedroom, and it's stocked full of delicious food, coffee and shining pots and pans. I remind myself that this lifestyle is my parents' reward for having high education and stressful jobs. Part of me remains disgusted with materialism, but another part is asking, where can I get one of these jobs?

It's good to be home.