December 9, 2010

It's a Wonderful Life

The Killers and the customers of Licorice International have me in the holiday spirit tonight. It's December of a very strange year and I'm ready for the familiarity of the holidays.

The Killers, a band that skips my ears in favor of my soul, sings "Boots," a Christmas-themed song about the power of holiday tradition to heal the year's wounds. Sometimes I need a little help to see past the enormous amount of work that accompanies the festivities. This year, instead of dead week and Finals, I get to participate in the preparations. At Licorice International, I get to help people pick out presents for grandparents or grandkids. Just a little something to put a smile on their faces.

Just as The Killers describe the perfect holiday scene with frost and presents and family gathered, I imagine the licorice sitting by the fire (not too close!), waiting to be enjoyed. The generosity of the holidays warming the hearts and hands of all. And the magnificent tree shimmering with ornaments and twinkling lights has a gravitational pull stronger than any Scrooge. We eat, we drink,
 and we open presents. If one of those three doesn't make you grin, you're not invited.

"A smile below each nose and above each chin" or so the song goes. That's my motto this December.