July 9, 2011

Flagstaff Exceeds Expectations

I've been in Flagstaff a full week now, and it's about time that I pass judgment on my new home.

As with any new place I visit, Flagstaff has been subject to my discerning tastes and personal values.

Do the people there speak a language I understand? Initially, -5 points because it's still part of the United States. But, +2 because I hear Spanish and Navajo on a daily basis.

Do I have a view of ancient-volcano-turned-rocky-crags? +5 Yes, I do have such a view thanks to the San Francisco peaks.

Can I sit on my patio and look into a forest? +5 In fact, I can sit on my patio, look into a forest and blog all at the same time. +10!

Are there scary bugs? -3 Crawling out of the forest and across my bedroom!

Are the scary bugs small enough to kill with a rolled up magazine? +2 Thanks, Cambodia for creating this important distinction.

Is there a quintessential coffee shop? +10 Macy's is the stuff of legends, but -2 since I don't have a coffee buddy yet.

Are there designated places for people on bikes to ride safely? +5 Once again, thank you to Cambodia for fine tuning my list of desirable qualities.

Is the traffic frustrating? -5 Milton Road. Route 66.

Does the frustrating traffic make me want to walk, bike or ride a bus? +5!

Overall, Flagstaff scores very well on my list. Especially dominant in the physical beauty category, Flagstaff is edged out only by Hallstadt, Austria as most stunning place I've ever been. On my way to the mailboxes, I see the San Fransisco peaks; on my way to downtown, I see Ponderosa Pines; and one day I'll have visited the 50 gazillion gorgeous natural wonders around here.

I don't even have friends yet, and I'm still happy. I congratulate myself on a city well chosen and I look forward to more blogs from the patio.