October 31, 2011

More good advice

Grad school seems like a hibernation of sorts. A time period in which I have given up my right to a life outside of TESL. Two years of hard-core studying, after which some new segment of my life will begin.

This paradigm is problematic.

In my professional development seminar, a counselor who specializes in grad student issues gave us a reminder that school isn't everything.

It's not about what happens after this time period. It's not about waiting for grad school to be over to let your life "begin".

This is your life, she said. Right here. Right now. Don't let grad school block that out.  Flagstaff is an awesome place to live. Take advantage of it!

Ever a sucker for a profound thought, I think this advice is important. It's so easy to devote yourself to school, and to get caught up in the semester projects that seem to divide your life into neat little sections.

The Killers have a song called "This is Your Life" that carries a similar meaning to that of the counselor. If you read my blog regularly, I guess you already know that The Killers have a song for every occasion.

Anyway, I just wanted to put out a good thought today.