June 24, 2014

Saying Goodbye, person by person

The official goodbyes have started.

Our new Eddie Bauer extra large rolling duffels arrived today, ready to transport our worldly possessions overseas for what I've started calling "the next chapter."

Of course, with the next chapter comes the close of the previous. Our lives in Flagstaff. MY life in Flagstaff.

I said one of my hardest goodbyes tonight to my closest girlfriend in Flagstaff. We indulged in a wine tasting, cheese plate, and a little Thai food. Our conversation included the full spectrum of topics we've covered over the past two years, but I found myself asking questions that I had simply never thought to ask before: what's your hometown in the Philippines like? What would you life be like if you still lived there? What is your mother like? I got to know my friend in a new way, even on our last (for a while anyway) in-person conversation.

We talked about our fond memories of volleyball, and what I'm learning about marriage. We covered work and personal life, we delved into the past and mused about the possibilities awaiting us in our respective lives.

She gifted Alan and I each a silver watch, and I know I will wear daily and cherish as a reminder of a true friendship that has meant so much to me.

True friends are hard to come by. I will miss my Flagstaff friends dearly. Saying goodbye feels final, but with the many means of easy, convenient communication these days, there is no excuse to fall out of touch with the important people in my life.

Here's to old friends, and to making more friends in the next chapter.