July 29, 2015

Last days in Kayseri

Last night I made my last (hopefully) trip to downtown Kayseri. Alan and I decided to accompany our friend on her errand because we didn't have anything to do.

It was a nice experience for me. Normally riding the bus and dealing with the swarms of shoppers downtown is way too much for me. However, knowing that this was the last time, I was able to see the city with new eyes I enjoyed myself, and even snapped a few photos.

We went to the big mall for  some sandwiches in a cafe. After that, we did a a little shopping and then took a short walk downtown. We passed several çiğ köfte places (vegetarian, grain based patties), a handful of Syrian-owned businesses, a few stray cats, and even a golden retriever.

We posed for photos on the pedestrian bridge overlooking the Kayseri's main drag, Sivas Bulavard. The bright lights and busy road against the purple sky were somewhat reminiscent of Las Vegas, though the similarities end there.

The busride back to our apartment was typical: overcrowded, hot, and jerky. I tried to take it in and enjoy it for what it was.

It's so easy to find the flaws in daily life. I was happy to feel a sense of renewal and appreciation yesterday. I've only got 2 days left in Turkey, so I'll try to focus on the good.