November 23, 2015

Bathroom stuff that's weird in Thailand

A student reaching into a friend's purse, pulling out a full roll of toilet paper and scurrying over to me to ask to go to the toilet.

Two friends running out of the room at the same time with toilet paper in hand.

Silently cheering whenever there is toilet paper, soap, or paper towels in a public restroom. If there are all three, it might not be a silent cheer.

Using the butt sprayer. Yes, the butt sprayer.
Wishing for the butt sprayer when there is only a bucket (Turkish style).

The excuse of "I have diarrhea" being a perfectly acceptable and public reason to miss almost anything. Post it on Facebook.

Watching people walk past the sink and out of the restroom without washing their hands.

Being really happy about hand sanitizer.

Cautiously inspecting ALL restrooms for bugs with bodies larger than my thumbnail before sitting or squatting.

Deciding after inspection, "you know what? I can definitely hold it."