July 21, 2017

Another Adventure

Note: This was composed mid-June and it's already mid-July--somehow it went unpublished.

I changed the title of my blog, again, to reflect my current situation. I'm not in Turkey or Thailand. I'm in my hometown, Lincoln, Nebraska. USA.

The new title is "Wanderlust and Everything After." I don't think I'll ever *want* to stop traveling. It's just too interesting; however, it also requires sacrificing many other priorities--family, investing in personal possessions, buying a house, etc. Moving back to the US, is, in a way, one of the biggest adventures I've taken on. There is a sense that I need to succeed in finding a great job and making a great life. It seems like this should be easy compared to living abroad. So far, it's pretty overwhelming. I've been back in the States for a week, and I've already done two days of job shadowing in Lincoln, an interview in Denver, and--happily--several plates of nachos.

Alan and I both got cheap smartphones to join the rest of the world. It's nice to be able to call and text without being tethered to wifi, but it's also just a little more stressful to have one more device to manage.

We're working on getting short-term health insurance and finding a good used car. Hopefully, a Subaru.

Once we get a job offer we like, we'll have to pack up our three-year-old wedding gifts (so grateful to have those waiting for us), drive somewhere, and find a house. Little Egg will be by our side, of course.

Until then, we are posted up at my parents' house, hitting the job search as hard as we can, and hoping for the next phase to start soon.