April 15, 2011

I'd rather start the year in April anyway.

Last year at this time, I was celebrating Khmer New Year in Mondolkiri Province, Cambodia. Much has changed since then. My self-esteem has been through the wringer and I've been in crisis with my identity since I returned to my hometown. I've worked two very different jobs, volunteered locally and made a few new friends--not to mention rekindling a few old ones. I've taken a Spanish class and learned to crochet and how to make cheesecake. I've applied and been accepted to graduate school--an achievement I attribute to my experiences good and bad in Cambodia.

I've gotten to know Lincoln better than ever. I've spent more time with my family and my grandparents. I've gotten in better shape. I've started eating more healthfully. I feel better than I used to.

I'm still writing. I'm still learning new languages. I'm still teaching. I'm still struggling. I'm still worrying about what's next. I still double check that my straightening iron is turned off, even if I haven't used it.

I may not be exploring the jungles of Cambodia by elephant, but my adventure continues. By the Lunar calendar, this is the year of the rabbit--that's my sign. Must be a lucky year for me.