April 19, 2011

My First Garden

All that's left to do now is wait.

I've got the seeds planted in my raised bed garden, and I've got the application filed for an apartment in Flagstaff.

I've never gardened before. It's ironic, if you consider my job in The Home Depot Garden Center where I spend 30-40 hours per week instructing customers about soils, plants and lawn equipment (this discrepancy in experience only annoys customers who can see through my facade of pretend knowledge and label reading abilities). Nevertheless, as I am in charge of an upcoming workshop at The Home Depot which focuses on eco-gardening and my lack of productive free time activities, I took this opportunity to try a garden of my own.

Gardens, like moving to a new place, take lots of physical strength, digging through crap, and wait-time. I have sewn the seeds of cool-season veggies into my 4x4 garden, but only time will tell if my haphazard technique and the  Nebraska weather will be fruitful. I hope to be on the road to Flagstaff by July 1, so I won't get to see much of a summer harvest. I will reap a different sort of crop in Arizona--namely, a graduate assistantship and lots of intellectually stimulating material (cue the buzzer sound for a predictable, terrible metaphor).

I live for trying new things, but I still get frustrated when I don't get it right the first time. I like the dirt under my fingernails and the idea of growing my own food, but I'm glad that I won't go hungry if my seeds don't sprout this time. And as for the graduate assistantship, I'm glad I'm getting a stipend--Incidentally, also so I don't go hungry.