August 27, 2012

New Semester, Taking Refuge

Flagstaff turns into a giant parking lot at the beginning of each semester. The flood of new and returning students, plus their families, means that Target is a war zone, it takes 10 minutes to get through an intersection, and the youth of America invade my academic world with baseball caps, jean shorts, and chatter about house parties. I remember fondly my first days of college; yet I wouldn't want to relive the anxiety of figuring out how to survive with so much freedom. I'm fact, I'm grappling with my own prospects of freedom right now. The world post my graduation next spring, is wide open. I predict many a panicky blog about choosing from my infinite options. The picture today is of my refuge spot, Campus Coffee Beam. They have a delightful happy hour special. I came to love this place because of the hours and hours of comps preparation that I did here. Drink of choice? Fresh Americano.