August 12, 2012

Summer Wrap-up

It's official. Summer is over. That's my fun thought for today.

I just waved goodbye to my boyfriend as he pulled his packed-up car out of the parking lot. I survived a whole summer living with someone. It was a painful adjustment for someone who was used to doing whatever I want all the time, having enough personal space, and not having to justify my coffee and ice cream habits. By yesterday though, I had adjusted to companionship. I have to say that I liked it.

Am I ready to crawl back into my grad school hermit hole? Kind of.

No time to waste, really. I have a comprehensive exam next Monday, which is coincidentally my 25th birthday. My study group is meeting today.

Call me crazy, but studying for this test has actually been a good thing for me. Despite my near constant work last semester, lots of details and interesting stuff slipped through the cracks. Now I have had a chance to reread and rethink lots of materials.

Me and The Guys in Level 5b
When I wasn't nerding out with my Sociolinguistics articles, I was teaching, planning, or thinking about level 5 writing. I think it was a wonderful twist of fate that I got assigned the class that I really didn't want. I wanted to try something besides advanced writing, but I actually got the chance to explore new techniques and new ways to lesson plan (in a group!). Besides the coursework, I got the best group of students imaginable. Just yesterday, they invited me for dinner. They also showered me (and my boyfriend!) with presents. I will say that even the unbelievably rich scent of my new Burberry perfume can't complete with the tears-welling-up feeling that I had when I got the e-mail asking if I could come over for dinner. It's sort of weird, but the fact that they want me to hang out with them is a great feeling. They also ask me for advice on school stuff, which I love. I just want them to be successful, because I know they can do it. I hope they get good ENG 105 teachers who understand second language writing. In my own experience, the Writing Center can do a lot, but they can't un-do a teacher's de-motivating feedback.

Writing skills aside, my students wear a lot of cologne. Seriously. I can tell if there are any students in the school building just by taking a whiff. Moreover, as a writing teacher, I am lucky enough to get essay drafts that smell like a fabulous department store. Sometimes I close my eyes, grab an essay and try to guess whose it is, just by scent.

I guess it follows that they should outfit me and my boyfriend with big bottles of the good stuff so that we too can announce our presence via the olfactory glands.

Speaking of all the ways I get spoiled, I'm writing this blog from my *MacBook Pro*. Yes, indeed. I bought the ultimate machine. It's sleek, sexy and the keyboard lights up! It's seriously awesome. I'm not always one to gush about technology (though this blog may say otherwise), but this thing is 8000% better than my old laptop.

Words to sum up summer 2012: Essays, Boyfriend, Campus Coffee Bean, The Comps, Volleyball, Students, Burberry, MacBook, Total spoilage, Free time, The Dream Team, Ramadan, Kapsa, Study Group, Pilates, Google Doc, Yoga, Rec Center, Veggies!

This summer proves once again that I am the luckiest girl I know. And this blog proves that I have forgotten how to write a coherent piece.