August 20, 2014

Selected Awesome Things

List of selected awesome things Alan and I bought at Migros (Turkish equivalent of Walmart and Sam's Club probably):

1. Standing fan. It didn't make the line up in the picture because I wanted its gentle breeze on my forehead as I photographed. Our 11th floor apartment is pretty hot and stuffy.

Jena and Alan's Shopping Trip
2. Cezve. This is the pot to make Turkish coffee. I choose the kind that harkens back to the old days, just because it looked more interesting than the modern ones.

3. A set of towels. Indeed, towels are an essential for any apartment with a shower. After a couple of showers using a hand towel from the kitchen, the need is especially apparent. I picked out one of each: Aegean blue, Mediterranean navy, castle grey, and tulip magenta. So Turkey, değil mi? (right?)

4. "Robust" tea glasses. The Turks love their çay, and they serve it in tiny cups with no handles. It's very hot and awkward for us to hold, so Alan and I picked up larger cups with handles. Foreigners.

5. Hangers. While I really miss a good ol' cheapy 10-pack of plastic hangers from Target, the classy (and moderately priced) wooden hangers available at Migros were the only option, so my clothes are now sitting pretty on the best (or at least, most wooden) hangers they've ever seen.

But wait! I've saved the best for last!

6. + 7. Wine and quirky opener. One of my biggest concerns about Kayseri as a conservative city was that I wouldn't be able to find wine. I was prepared to forgo one of my most-enjoyed evening drinks, but today we found a large (albeit expensive) selection at the Migros. I bought one with an appealing label and grape I know I like. I would have stocked up, but we had a cart full of stuff to carry home already. Anyway, once you've got a bottle, you need to get into it, so I couldn't pass up the lime green mod-inspired opener. Instead of the cheapest option, I went for the one I really liked. I think it's important to do that occasionally.

By the way, today is my birthday, so the wine is like a special happy-birthday-to-me gift from Turkey.