August 30, 2014

Ten weird things I'm doing

  1. Washing my hair with baking soda and vinegar to save money and let my hair take care of itself better. It’s called the “no-poo” movement. So far, so good.
  2. Playing basketball games with my husband on busted up outdoor courts.
  3. Using a strange hand pump to extract drinking water from a large container that is delivered to my apartment.
  4. Ordering corn nuts by the kilo at the local market.
  5. Using an exercise room where there are strange posters of male body-builders who may or may not be wearing clothes.
  6. Laboring over a small, scalding pot full of fine coffee grounds, only to be disappointed when drinking it is a little like taking a sip of sand.
  7. Drinking sparkling water as a replacement for alcohol—surprisingly, it still has a relaxing effect if you believe it will.
  8. Watching three episodes of Star Trek with my husband every evening. And liking it.
  9. Eating from dishes printed with the logo of my workplace.
  10. Sleeping on sheets with a pattern best described as camo-meets-houndstooth-meets-girly.