August 20, 2010

Coffee, Workee, and Lunchee

Today, going to work was good for my soul.

On the way to work, I treated myself to a coffee from The Mill, a coffee shop located conveniently next door. Although my blog began as an ode to the better-ness of work with coffee in hand, this morning I remembered just how much better it is.

Vienna roast in my little Styrofoam cup, I dutifully labeled bags that would soon hold Cherry Chews, Sweet Finnish Licorice, and Salmiak Rocks.

About halfway through my coffee, the "Licorice Ladies" surprised me with birthday lunch. Talk about good for the soul! They brought a spicy Asian-inspired salad and pepperoni rolls for everyone to share. Because they know I love cold and sweet, they let me pick out two pints of Ivanna Cone's delicious ice cream--they even sang "Happy Birthday".

Today, it didn't feel like I was at work. We were eating good food, critiquing various icecreams and enjoying the simple pleasure of a birthday party. I've only been selling licorice for a few weeks, but they've already made me feel like I belong. That means a lot to me. And getting paid to work with such good company isn't bad, either.

And I'm not just writing this because they know about my blog now. I swear! That's just lucky coincidence.