August 13, 2010

The Year of Perpetual Summer

Summer is the time when it's okay to like the new Usher song or refer to John Mayer as your other boyfriend. It feels good to lose the news in favor of trashy re-runs. It's the time of year that flip-flops have melded to your feet, and that sundress is perfect for any occasion.

In Cambodia, it was summer every day. My students may have missed the references to John Mayer, but I had a flip-flop tan for sure. This year, I got to skip out on a brutal winter, replacing the prairie with the tropics. I came home to the heat and humidity of summer on the plains, sandals at the ready.

Now the Nebraskan Dog Days have come and (with any luck) gone, and Lincoln Public Schools will begin in two weeks. The end of summer used to mean buying notebooks, pens, and hopeless organizational tools that would not make it past October. But this year, come fall, I won't have the usual transition back to school. My birthday will again signal the start of a new term, but I won't be in class.

Maybe if I keep wearing flip-flops, my year of perpetual summer will blaze on and those big, important decisions can wait for the first snow.