August 25, 2010

People want to know me -or- Wow! That's Awkward!

I must be a pretty fun person to know.

I choose places like Cambodia just because, I prefer drastic hair make-overs, and I have a new life plan every three days.

Most of all, I have a flare for injecting drama into everyday situations. Whether it be via a highly embellished story or a heavy dose of awkward, I bring a certain nervous zeal to any situation. I have a feeling it's really entertaining and slightly uncomfortable to watch me do things like meet a new person or navigate a crowded room. I've heard that awkward is "my thing"--it's what makes me so dang charming.

Being anxious and using lots of hand gestures is fine in public. At home, however, awkwardness translates to a major hurdle in decision-making. Especially with grad school options, my interest in a program can be totally spastic. One day, I'm ready to sign up for Linguistics in Hawai'i, the next I'm on the Peace Corps website, and by the third, I've given up all of it to start a small business. Some people call it: "leaving my options open." I call it: "really frustrating way to move further from any decision."

I blab and blog about my indecision a lot because it's a big deal for me. I want to do something as stimulating and challenging as Cambodia with a degree, rewarding career and comfortable salary waiting for me at the end.

But what is it?