May 26, 2011

Not the disco-post I expected--more later

Not only did I survive "Rapture-mania 2011," but I came out the other side ready to rule the world.

Or at least to have lots of meaningful social interaction (a.k.a coffee dates). Lady Gaga's new album, Born This Way, also dropped this week. The combination of soy lattes, conversations and the delightful confusion/obsession only Gaga can bring has recharged my enthusiasm for life. Also, I've had a terrible time sleeping.

In addition to my own metamorphosis, my brother is graduating from elementary school tomorrow. I attended the "Memory Night" earlier this week to hear him give a speech on his finest times of the past five years. After thanking a few of his favorite teachers, my brother gave a shout-out to his "awesome friends." I was so proud. Actually, I nearly cried several time during the ceremony. I'm a sucker for anything sentimental, and nothing beats seeing little baby pictures next to fifth grade photos.

On the other hand, I rarely feel sentimental about The Home Depot. I'm still hauling mulch, selling grills and misdirecting people around the Garden Center. Every day is a reminder of where I would rather be--almost anywhere, but namely, in a university somewhere. But, in getting to know my co-workers, I've realized that working at The Home Depot is not a luxury for many people. If I get scheduled for only a few days a week, my paycheck will be smaller, but I won't have to explain to my family that we have to cut back. For some of my co-workers, however, the ups--but mostly the downs--of working temporary retail have serious consequences. I can almost see the desperation as they tell me about losing a good job after middle-age, or being forced out by awful working conditions; and then the endless job hunting that landed them the same unstable job I have. I saw the 120-day employment as just enough to get me to my next destination, but for them, it is a countdown to even greater uncertainty.

I may not be ruling the world like Gaga, but I am thankful for the relative stability I have at home, at my job, and in my immediate future. I'm also thankful for my awesome friends and for my brother--I'd be lost without you!