July 1, 2014

And so it begins...

And so it begins…

This text message from my mother sums up my day, and in fact many aspects of my life and marriage.

And so it begins. The gate agent at the Phoenix airport has just announced “lengthy” weather delays in our connecting location, Chicago. My husband, Alan, and I are traveling toward our indefinite stay in Turkey as English teachers. The best adventures (or, in my case, the best blog entries) begin with, include, or end on an unexpected turn of events such as a delayed flight. The hiccups in well-made plans create the chaos and anxiety that ultimately lead to resolution and a sense of accomplishment. Part of me secretly enjoys these “annoyances” because of what they add to an otherwise “normal” part of an adventure. It’s a better story if something went a little bit wrong along the way.

I’m a fan of adventure, at least in theory. In the moment, I often get frustrated and despondent; but if I know it will be fun to write about later, I somehow get through it.

In my mind, our adventure doesn’t officially begin until we actually walk out onto a Turkish sidewalk and smell the Anatolian air. For now, our pre-adventure fate rests with the powers at be in airport world and the powerful bow-echo line of thunderstorms racing toward the already Windy City. I’m glad I brought those protein bars and compression socks. It might just be a long trip.