July 3, 2014

Istanbul Airport

Alan and I have been in the Istanbul airport for about 8 hours now. Here are a few of the highlights so far:

1. A two-hour nap in the terminal. I was pretty sure that I was going to collapse from exhaustion, so this was a necessity.

2. Squat-pots. These exciting toilets really spice up airport bathrooms. Looks like Turkey may use both western and squat. Glad I (think I) know what to do.

3. A meal of fresh food. After a few days of cliff bars and airline food, anything is a step up, but I somehow got us a nice sandwich and a plate of Turkish veggie side dishes. Pointing and smiling works!

4. Using my limited Turkish effectively. Alan and I both ordered drinks successfully on the plane. Baby steps.

5. Having Alan as my travel buddy. Traveling with my husband is so much better, easier, more enjoyable, and less intimidating than traveling alone. We can watch the luggage during bathroom breaks, we can help each other stay positive, and we can encourage each other to take care of ourselves (e.g., drinking plenty of water, eating meals, walking around in between long sitting sessions).

So, in a few minutes we'll board for Kayseri, and not a minute too soon. Three days of travel and very few hours of sleep does not make me a very pleasant human being. It's time for the next chapter.