June 8, 2011

0% Contained

The beautifully distorted sunset over Interstate 80 was the result of a wildfire more than 1000 miles away. Instead of its trademark clarity, the Nebraskan sky turned a hazy gray at sundown, leaving only a glowing red ball hanging above the cornfields.

I can't help but think about the coincidence of this particular sunset and my plans to move out-of-state. One of the worst wildfires in Arizona history is 0% contained, and the smoke from this fire has drifted all the way to my favorite hiding place in Kearney, Nebraska. I will be moving to Arizona in a matter of weeks; consequently leaving behind my hometown, my family, and my hiding places.

I can't say a fire is a good omen, but forests and people need a fresh start now and then. I am ready to start a new phase, but it won't be easy to say goodbye to I-80.