June 28, 2011

Simply Overpacked

Nothing like a day of packing to make you feel like your whole life boils down to a stack of boxes. And nothing like the growing stack of boxes to make you feel delusional in your plan to "take only what fits" in a Mitsubishi.

I'm packing to move to Flagstaff, Arizona. Every time I move, I hope for a transition to a simpler lifestyle. Fewer things and more adventure. Minimalistic like my Canadian roommate who brought merely a rucksack to Cambodia. To be satisfied with very little. To be content with the basics. As I surveyed the toppling piles of clothing today, I couldn't help but feel guilty. Here I am 23 and again unemployed, standing in front of a stack of cashmere sweaters, silk wool pants, and tailor-made items from Bangkok. You could say I was dealt good cards. You could say I have good taste. You could also say that I'm a spoiled brat. True. True. VERY TRUE.

I hope Flagstaff will encourage me to live simply--though decked out in fabulous clothes. I hope I find my stride on her sidewalks and trails. I hope I learn to slow down a little and multi-task less. I want to enjoy every minute of graduate school.

For now, the 27 boxes loom like a mega-tetras puzzle. Tomorrow I'll rearrange until I reach maximum capacity. Soon enough my boxes and I will hit the open road, ready or not!