February 28, 2011

Boys, Boys, Boys!

You're probably familiar with Motley Crue's anthem, "Girls, Girls, Girls"--or maybe even the movie starring Elvis with the same title.

A tune you may be less familiar with, Gaga's "Boys, Boys, Boys," is exactly how I would describe the store meeting today at Home Depot, my newest workplace.

Yes, I have been writing so many "woe is me" posts lately, I can hardly stand it. and among the many things I have been wishing for myself this week: a graduate assistantship, courage, clarity, clear skin, carbohydrates, etc..., I had forgotten about boys--not boyfriends, I've already got a good one. I'm talking about the dudes you know or you work with. Maybe the word is "friends" (something I'm low on at the moment). I like having male friends because they balance me out. The Home Depot is chock full of rugged boys with flannel shirts, jeans and sailors' mouthes. Not since the glory days at UNK have I heard the F-bomb used to describe how good something is. Somehow, it felt like home. Nebraska guys workin' hard, wakin' up extra early Sundays for the comp'ny meetin'.

All but one of my coworkers at Licorice were female, and I nearly went into shock as I scanned the mostly male crowd at this morning's meeting. Several very cute boys! This South Beach diet is very restrictive on sweets, but they didn't say anything about eye candy!