February 23, 2011

Calm...er--Sort of.

The lavender essential oil must be working. Or maybe my return to a stricter version of the South Beach Diet has my head cleared of the coffee-, chocolate- and licorice-fueled panic about my life's direction.

Beyond my superficial lifestyle adjustments, I'm feeling a huge sense of relief today because I've been hired on as a temporary sales associate at Home Depot. Yes, I will be one of the people in cute orange aprons circulating through the Garden Center, selling garden stuff.

Maybe we will sell the licorice plant. I know lots about that.

It seems like a funny career path: Cambodia, Licorice, Home Depot. Becoming more American with each move. Next, I'll work at a fireworks stand.

I worked hard to get a job this time around. I've never had to do that before, and I think it did me a world of good. I really hated that I didn't get hired right away, but I was motivated to keep applying and interviewing. You don't always get what you want the first time, or the second, or maybe you don't get it at all. Then Home Depot calls you on a Saturday morning and all your dreams come true.

The reason I got this job was to help fund my actual dream of graduate education in Arizona. I'm still waiting to hear about graduate assistantship possibilities, because if I have to pay out-of-state tuition, I will have to put off that part of the dream for a while. Don't worry, I've got a back-up plan. And, yes, it involves a visa.