February 2, 2011

Snow Day 2: Revenge of the Great Boredom

View from our dining room
Even though the gloom and doom of the snowstorm has passed, the roads are still too slick for school to be in session. By snow day number two, the freedom associated with no school always gives way to absolute boredom. My brother and I were stuck home in front of TV and computer screens yesterday, and today promises more of the same. Our driveway is a perfect sheet of ice, angled so steeply that getting out of the garage is no problem (foot on the brake or not!), but getting back in--well, it's not happening with my Mitsubishi.

My Mom and I tried in vain yesterday to clear the snow from the driveway, but the ice rink beneath the snow had us flat on our backsides, flopping like fresh salmon. We gave up and left her car mid-way up the driveway, parked precariously on the zero-traction surface.

The dangerous wind chills will prevent me from undertaking any  adventures outside the house today. Instead, I hope to finish my third crochet afghan of the season and make plans for my Grand Canyon visit in March. Goodbye, boredom--Americana, here I come.